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How to use essential oils for the belly button?

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How to use essential oils for the belly button?

Do you know why it is worth pouring various essential oils into the belly button? Our belly button is without a doubt an amazing organ! All large vessels - the venous ligament and arterial flow - are located immediately behind the navel. In the Vedic teachings of Ayurveda, it is called the node of concentration of 72 thousand subtle vital channels (nadis), and the total length of the blood vessels that we have in our body is equal to twice the circumference of the Earth.

Among the Slavs, the navel is the center and foundation of the human body, which is divided into the upper "clean" and lower "impure" halves. At the "border" of these halves, a belt was tied that connects the higher and lower principles in a person, making him inaccessible to malevolent spirits. In the East, they believe that negative emotions and nervous tension are concentrated around the navel and, in order to relax, they massage it in the morning and evening. The Chinese, even in extreme heat, cover the navel area, believing that this place is most sensitive not only to the wind, but also to the usual coolness. This part of the body is easy to catch a cold, which sadly affects the internal organs.

Many people know that a cotton swab soaked in alcohol can be put in the navel to reduce fever, to relieve menstrual pain and muscle spasm, but it turns out that various medicinal oils can also be transported through the navel into the body. This method is called Pechoti, and this action is accompanied by a light massage of the abdomen around the navel. If this zone is stimulated, the circulation of blood energy in the vessels increases, while helping the work of the heart, vital microelements are better distributed throughout the body.

How to use essential oils for the belly button? 

To feel the healing effect of oils and self-massage of the navel zone, read the small instructions to know how to oil belly button:

  • Dirt and sebum in the abdomen can accumulate in the navel. Therefore, you should clean it first and then wash and dry your navel and hands before following the procedure.
  • Dilute essential oils with base oils. Perform the procedure while lying on a bed or sofa.
  • Put a few drops of the oil into your belly button and let it soak into your skin.
  • Gently press the navel area with two thumbs or index, middle and ring fingers at the same time.

If you feel discomfort, continue to press gently until the discomfort subsides.

  • Continue lightly massaging the abdomen around the navel.
  • Then stroke the entire belly with the palm of your hand in a clockwise direction for about a minute.
  • Cover your belly with a clean towel and lie down for a while to absorb the oils. Blot excess oils with a towel.

What oils are suitable for belly button and what is their effect? 

  • Apply neem oil to your belly button to get rid of acne, eczema, and other skin inflammations. This is an effective remedy for the treatment of various skin diseases, moisturizes and whitens the skin, fights hair loss, and eliminates dandruff. It is also used to purify the blood and increase immunity. It is a natural contraceptive without side effects. Aceso nabhi labh belly button oil is best for acne. 
Aceso belly button oil
  • Applying pure frankincense oil on the navel cures dry eyes, poor eyesight, pancreas, chapped lips, keeps the face shiny, makes hair healthier, used for joint/knee pain, chills, lethargy, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, headaches, back pain.
  • Often due to stress or improper skin care, the face looks pale and lifeless. If you want to get a radiant face in a short time, apply almond oil to your belly button. It is also very useful not only for the skin, but navel oil for hair growth too.
  • Apply mustard oil to heal dry and chapped lips. Mustard oil also has a beneficial effect on the intestines by killing harmful bacteria. Works as a mild detox.
  • When a child has a stomach ache, apply a few drops of anise oil directly to the navel and massage around the area for a few minutes and the pain will subside.
  • Sesame oil in the belly button is used for all kinds of joint pain and to strengthen the bones. 

Be sure to use 100% natural products, not synthetic ones. Some oils may cause irritation or burning. Keep a small bottle of natural Aceso navel oil for hair growth and acne by your bed and apply a few drops to your belly button before bed.

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