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Black Onion Seed Oil

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Black Onion Seeds Originated in the Mediterranean region and were later cultivated across Saudi Arabia, Egypt and in a few parts of India. The plant has several uses, one of which is to cure diseases. It is Pure oil from the seeds that we are referring to here Aceso Black Onion Seed Cold-Pressed Oil has many health benefits and has minerals that prevent hair loss and keeps the hair healthy. While this Oil keeps the skin healthy and fresh, It is also useful in getting rid of serious skin problems like Eczema and psoriasis,these are serious skin ailments. you can use the Oil simply to lighten the complexion of your skin. It clears the face off Acne and Fungus, thereby making you look fresh and pretty. If you consume the Oil it ensures that your digestive system is immune to several disorders. As a result, it helps in better digestion of food. Also the Oil kills intestinal parasites to cure diarrhea. 


  1. Boost Skin Health.
  2. Boon For Treating Cancer, Infertility, Liver and Kidney Diseases.
  3. Healthy For Weight Loss.
  4. Improves Immunity.
  5. Prevention of Hair Loss and delays greying. 
  6. Cold Healer.

       100% Pure & Natural              Cold Pressed Oil
           No Preservatives                    No Additives
  Ingredients 100% Natural & Pure Cold Pressed Black Onion Seed Oil