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Malkangani Oil

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Malkangani oil is a plant-based Oil that is extracted from its Seeds. It is popularly known as Staff Tree oil or Tree of life. The Therapeutic grade Oil has stimulating effect on brain. It is a brain tonic which improves concentration, memory and learning. It is also useful to manage pain in Osteoarthritis. To bring health, natural shine and goodbye to scalp allergies, Aceso Malkangani oil is pretty good. A traditional herbal remedy, this Pure Malkangani Oil helps in treating conditions such as fistula, cold diseases (like hemiplegia, facial palsy, etc.), urine retention, lethargy, stomach problems, sexual problems, spasm, arthritis, facial paralysis, chest pain, asthma, hip pain, pneumonia, gout, amnesia (memory loss). It even prevents premature greying, hair loss, and reduces dandruff. The richness of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties makes Malkangani oil a natural remedy to cure eczema and pain relievers. Malkangani oil with many Ayurvedic properties reduces swelling, inflammation, osteoarthritis and boosts memory. To balance Vata, male sexual dysfunction, anxiety, stress, and muscular cramps, Aceso Malkangani oil is therapeutic.

   Benefits :
1. Natural remedy to cure Eczema, skin irritation.
2. Helps to boost memory.
3. Stimulating effect on neuromuscular system.
4. Improves blood circulation, gives relief in headache.
5. Its a therapeutic Oil.
6. Nourishes the Scalp. 

        100% Pure & Natural              Cold Pressed Oil
           No Preservatives                    No Additives
  Ingredients 100% Natural & Pure Cold Pressed 
Malkangni Oil