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Walnut Oil

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Cold Pressed Walnut oil is extracted by pressing whole Walnuts.
It has a nutty, delicate flavor and contains some of the important beneficial nutrients.
Consuming walnut oil may improve heart health, lower blood sugar, and have anticancer effects. 
Walnut oil fights and delays ageing by helping to reduce or prevent wrinkles, fine lines, etc. from occurring. Its vitamin B contents keep us safe from premature ageing. Application of warm walnut oil can be very useful in fading dark circles and soothing the sensitive skin around your eyes. Walnut oil is high in both vitamins and minerals. It's also used in Salad dressings and other cold dishes. Walnut Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids,including the omega-3  ALA and the omega-6 LA, both of which are essential for healthy skin.

 1. Walnut oil is great for fighting wrinkles.
 2. Consuming walnut oil helps lower the cholesterol levels in the body.
 3. Consumption of walnut oil helps a great deal in boosting the blood vessel’s functioning overall. 
 4. It contains melatonin which promotes sleep and regulates it too.
 5. Walnut oil is a very good antioxidant and helps fight aging really well.
 6. Walnut oil promotes hair growth as it is high on potassium. 
 7. Adding walnut oil to your salads can make you feel full.


             100% Pure & Natural              Cold Pressed Oil

                  No Preservatives                    No Additives

  Ingredients 100% Natural & Pure Cold Pressed 
Walnut Oil