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Fenugreek Oil For Hair Growth

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Aceso Fenugreek Hair Oil is a pure handcrafted process for hair loss control and nourishment. The Fenugreek seeds we use in our hair oil, when infused with Coconut oil and Castor oil has been shown to help stimulate hair growth very effectively. This imbue process takes 15-20 days in subsoil to give beneficial hair oil.

This oil helps to reduce baldness, premature greying, hair fall and thus promote hair growth. It also helps to restore lustre, shine and prevent hair thinning. Regular use of this oil will make your hair healthy and improve blood circulation in the scalp. 

  •  Rich in Folic acid, Vitamin - A,K,C  which works against hair fall
  •  Treats Scalp issues like hair thinning and baldness.
  •  Rich in antioxidants which support the keratin in hair
  •  Adds lustre, shine and softness to the hair.
  •  Moisturize dry hair and works as a natural conditioner..

       Natural infusion in Sun process for 30-40 days of
       Jojoba oil
       Fenugreek Seeds 
       Coconut oil
       Castor oil

Warm the Oil, apply it on the roots of hair and massage your scalp nicely ensuring that the entire scalp is covered and then apply oil until the end of hair length. Leave it for 2-3 hrs (if you wish to leave it overnight) and wash them with mild shampoo.

As Our Products are made in Small batches using Natural Ingredients there may be Slight difference in their Color and Fragrance. Keep oil away from moisture or any kind of air & water contamination.


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