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Mogra Water

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Unveil the beauty of freshly extracted Aceso Mogra water – the secret to a blossoming skincare routine. From Pure Petal to Potion, Aceso Mogra water is nature's gift for radiant skin.
To have Natural mist and Sweet fragrance with a daily beauty care regime, Use Aceso Pure Mogra Water. It is steam- distilled Mogra petals to keep skin hydrated, moisturized and glowy, it is worth beneficial. Enriched antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties make it a complete skin diet to enhance beauty naturally. Aceso Mogra Water has the Calming Scent which soothes nerves and alleviates tension which uplift the mood.


• Keep Skin hydrated and moisturized.
• Balance Skin pH level.
• Good to maintain hygiene and purity of Skin.
• Refreshing and cool toner for Skincare.
• Useful for all types of skin, dry, mature and sensitive.
• Mood booster and eases stressed nerves.

  Key Ingredients

Pure Mogra Water


Spritz the Mogra Water Mist on the Face and Body for a Refreshing effect. Re apply as Desired.
 As Our Products are made in Small batches using Natural Ingredients there may be Slight difference in their Color and Fragrance.