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Top 10 Benefits of Neem Oil for Your Hair and Skin

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Top 10 Benefits of Neem Oil for Your Hair and Skin


Neem is considered as a medicinal plant used today for human health and well-being and has been used for centuries for the same purpose. The neem tree is an obvious example of this relationship between plants and humans. We invite you to learn about Neem Oil and its Properties and its particular benefits for skin and hair care.

What is neem and how is its oil obtained?

The scientific name of neem is Azadirachta indica, and its attribute suggests that we are dealing with a species native to India.

In fact, the same common name of the plant "neem" has sanskrit roots and would come from the word "nimba" which refers to something that "gives good health".

In the Vedas (the oldest texts in the literature of this country) neem is mentioned as the plant "that cures all ailments and ills".

Neem is also known as Indian nimbus, Indian neem, or Indian lilac, it is considered sacred in India and is a highly regarded remedy in Ayurveda medicine. For centuries each part of the plant has been used to alleviate health problems or prevent diseases. It is for these reasons also known as “the people's pharmacy” in India.

However, today this tree has become popular throughout the world, especially for neem oil and its properties. The neem oil is obtained through the extraction of the fruits of the neem tree and its properties are multiple, which has aroused the interest of many researchers.

Benefits of neem oil and properties

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Antibacterial action:- Active neem compounds with these properties have been observed in vitro.

Antiviral:- Active principles with this action have been found in the leaves and bark.

Acne and Skin Problems:-This oil is a natural remedy to help reduce skin problems such as acne, excess oil, and psoriasis. The healing and antibacterial power of cold-presssd neem oil reduces acne considerably without leaving marks.

Sexually transmitted diseases:- There is very interesting evidence about the positive effects of neem also in these types of diseases.

Immune system:- One of the lines of research seeks to understand the action of one of the substances in the neem tree on the immune system.

Anti-inflammatory:- Research groups are studying two compounds found in neem, epoxy azadiradione and azadirachtin. In both cases they are associated with the anti-inflammatory action of this plant.

Antirust:- The antioxidant substances in neem have been found in the leaves.

Digestive- The protective action of the digestive system has also been proven in some studies, confirming one of the most common properties of neem in popular tradition.

Antiparasitic:- The substances present in this plant simulate the hormones that regulate the life cycle of parasites. This is why this plant works as a natural antiparasitic against internal and external parasites.

Anticancer:- Some studies focus on the properties of the limonoids in neem oil and other compounds from this plant in inhibiting the growth of tumor cells in breast and prostate cancer.

How neem oil is beneficial for the skin and hair?

The neem plant is a source of countless properties for human health and well-being. The action of many substances present in this sacred tree in India remains to be understood. However, some extracts such as neem oil have benefits for skin and hair care that we can already take advantage of.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antioxidant components, neem oil protects and repairs the skin and hair.

Where do I get Neem Oil?

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Conclusion:  The neem oil can be used purely to relieve skin and scalp problems. The properties of neem oil for the health of the skin and hair are also used to prevent diseases and irritations. For this, you can opt for Aceso - cold pressed oils 100% pure and natural oil for the care and protection of the skin.