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Walnut oil, which is produced by cold pressing, is considered an effective tool for a complex effect on the human body. The product is widely applicable not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology: it is especially useful for facial skin, as part of masks, creams and balms that can be made at home.  How walnut oil is beneficial for facial skin? The presence in the composition of such trace elements as iodine, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and sulfur, as well as antioxidants and vitamins. They help to tighten the face skin, remove age-related changes, and age spots.  It is...

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The Cold-pressed Walnut oil is a unique natural medicine. Since ancient times it was believed that this oil is able to heal a person from almost all diseases - to tone his body and to endow him with an unprecedented mind. Previously, only rich and noble people were allowed to drink it, but now a useful medicine is available to everyone. Cold pressed Walnut oil is obtained by pressing cold kernels. Thus, it retains all its useful properties, acquires a unique aroma and pleasant taste. Among all oils, cold-pressed walnut oil is considered the leader in the content of vitamin...

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